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Cylinder Repair Labor Price Guide Note: some prices may vary, Parts not Included.

Bore & Hone 4 Stroke Cylinders up to .080 over size (cuts over .080 are considered big bore, Additional charges apply ) $40.00 Pr Hole
** Bore & Hone 2 Stroke Cylinders Includes chamfering ports. ** $45.00 Pr Hole
Bore Harley torque plates used $45.00 Pr Hole
4 Stroke Replace Sleeve Drop In Type Includes Bore & Hone $65.00
4 Stroke to Big Bore or sleeves that have to be cut out $90.00
Sleeve 2 Stroke Non Power valve $90.00 (does not include removal of studs)
Sleeve 2 Stroke Power-Valve Cyls. (does not includ removal of studs or power-Valves) $120.00
Harley Davidson 883 to 1200 Big Bore $100.00 Pr Hole
Bore Automotive Block Call $
Bore Small Engine Block Kohler Briggs Etc Call $
Bore Marine Block call $
Additional Charges - Remove Studs $2.00 each, Frozen or broken stud removal $25.00 each, Remove power-Valves $10.00, Remove Clean and replace Power-Valves $30.00.Cut Power Valve (Required on some cyls. when boring .040 or over $20.00

Top End Kit Prices: Also Visit Our Online Store Get 20 % Discount buy-parts.php

Includes Wiseco Piston Kit, Top End Gasket Set, Sleeve, Sleeve Installation, Boring, Honing, Deck Head Gasket Surface and Return Shipping within the US! (wrist bearing not included, add $15.00 Does not include stud or power-valve removal see above pricing.)

* 80 85cc Top End Kit price $290.00 (or $250 Using Namura Piston & Gaskets)

* 125cc Top End Kit Price $335.00 (or $295 Using Namura Piston & Gaskets)

* 250cc Top End Kit price $390.00 (or $350 Using Namua Piston & Gaskets)

* 500cc Top End Kit Call For $445 ( Namura Pistons Not Available )

** For Models such as Honda CR. Kawasaki KX, Suzuki RM, Yamaha YZ **

Bottom End Kit Prices : 

 (Wiseco Bottom End Kits Include Crankshaft, Wrist Pin Bearing for 2 Stroke Models, All Lower End Gaskets & Seals)

* 80-85cc 2 Stroke Kits $200.00 Plus Shipping

*125cc 2 Stroke Kits $210.00 Plus Shipping

* 250cc 2 Stroke Kits $230.00 Plus Shipping

* 150cc 4 Stroke Kits $210.00 Plus Shipping

* 250cc 4 Stroke Kits $270.00 Plus Shipping

* 450cc 4 Stroke Kits $280.00 Plus Shipping

( Other Kits Also Available)  buy-parts.php

Big Bore Kits: 

We Also Offer Many Big Bore Kits - big-bore-kits.php


Cylinders can be mailed in from any State for $10 to $15 using USPS Flat Rate Boxes available Free at your Local Post office. When shipping us your cylinder be sure to include, Make, Model, Year, Your Phone Number, You can also submit an online work order from the "contact us page"  contact-us---fill-out-a-work-order.php Also it is best to send the Power Valves along with the cylinder so we can check fitment after the sleeve is installed.

How Cylinder Repair is Done
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How It is Done 

  Motorcycle ATV and Snowmobile cylinders are bored on a special machine designed just for this type of cylinder. First the cylinder is cleaned and gaskets removed to ensure the cylinder mounts on the boring bar square. The cylinder is measured to determin bore size, then measure the oversize piston to be used, the cylinder is centered and jigged into the boring machine. Using a special instrument the carbide bit is adjusted to the desired cut then secured into the bar. Now the machine does the work until piston size is obtained, leaving aproxamently .002 of an inch for the honing


  After Cylinder Sleeves are installed they need to be decked for a perfect head gasket seal, usually done with a fly cutter. 

We hone cylinders in a honing tank with honing oil. 

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After a sleeve is installed the cylinder's head gasket surface must be decked to obtain a smooth flat mating surface, Not all cylinders can be decked.

      Using a bore gauge to measure the cylinder is honed with a 45 degree cross hatch pattern until we get the correct piston to cylinder wall clearance. On a two stroke the ports have to be chamfered with special carbide grinders so the rings don't snag the ports.

Angle Die Grinder used to match sleeve to  ports pictured right.

Cylinder Sleeve install - When a plated or sleeved cylinder is damaged or worn beyond spec. a Carbon Steel Sleeve can be installed. Some 4 stroke sleeves can usually be pressed out but 2 stroke sleeves needs to be cut out.

The cylinder will have an interference fit of .002 - .004 depending on application, the cylinder has to have a flange cut into the top to match the sleeve, After machining the cylinder it is heated in an oven to 400 degrees, this expands the cylinder so the sleeve can be slipped in, there is about a two second time frame to align the ports. If the ports are not aligned properly the sleeve will have to be cut out and start all over again. Once the sleeve is in place it has to be held in a press with a couple tons of down pressure to keep the sleeve from moving during cool down time. The sleeve would be set into the cylinder about .002 above the cylinder head gasket surface, so now the head gasket surface has to be decked so it is perfectly flat using a surface grinder or milling machine. Now the ports all will be cut to match the aluminum cylinder casting using small straight and angle grinders with carbide bits.

Not done yet! back to the boring bar, the sleeved cylinder now needs to have the bore match the piston and honed to size. 

Quality Control - every cylinder is then cleaned in an Ultrasonic cleaning machine, then all gauges are re-calibrated and the piston to cylinder wall clearance is re-checked before shipping back to the customer.